1. The name of this residents' group shall be St. Oswalds Residents' Association.

The aims and objectives of the St. Oswalds Residents' Association are:

2.1 To promote the interests of all residents and improve the quality of their lives.
2.2 To promote residents' rights and the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions, amenities and environment.

The St. Oswalds Residents' Association will achieve its aims through negotiation with Rooftop Housing, Extra Care and any other relevant organisations and agencies such as Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucester City Council.


The Association shall positively promote equality and diversity within St. Oswalds and within its membership and encourage community spirit and work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination.


4.1 Membership will be open to all residents of St. Oswalds.
4.2 Each member will be provided with a copy of the constitution.
4.3 Membership will be free.

5.1 A committee elected at the Annual General Meeting will manage the Association.
5.2 The Committee will consist of a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a treasurer, a secretary and ten other members. The vice chairperson will become chairperson for the next year.
5.3 The committee will stand for 24 months but may seek re election after that time.
These 24months,with the proviso that any committee member can leave for any reason,within the elected period,whereupon a by-election would be held to replace that person. Elected committee members will be expected to remain on the committee for one year minimum.
5.4 The committee will meet regularly.
5.5 Minutes will be made of all meetings and made available to all members, subject to removal of personal matters.
5.6 The quorum for committee meetings shall be eight.
5.7 The committee can co-opt members as required but co-opted members cannot hold office or vote on decisions.
5.8 The role of committee chairperson and vice-chairperson.
The role of the chairperson and vice-chairperson is to:

  • Approve agendas and minutes for the committee; consult the committee secretary for advice as needed;
  • manage the efficient and effective running of meetings by grasping the detail of a wide range of business, and contribute to objective decision making by exercising sound judgement;
  • Facilitate open discussion, and good decision-making;
  • Ensure that the meeting is conducted in accordance with standing orders, and that all members keep to the code of conduct;
  • Act as spokesperson for the committee if required;exercise a casting vote if such action is necessary; and
  • Take 'chairperson's action' if needed.

Note§ on chairperson's action

It may be the case that deadlines, and the dates of committee meetings mean that the chairperson of the committee is asked to take "Chairperson’s action" in between committee meetings. A "chairperson's action" is when the chairperson is asked to take a decision on behalf of the committee.


6.1 A special general meeting open to all members will be held if a request is made by ten or more members.
6.2 The Secretary will then call a special general meeting within fourteen days of the request, giving members at least seven days’ notice.
6.3 No SGM will take place if less than 45 members are present.


7.1 The constitution can only be changed at the Aimual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.
7.2 Any proposed changes must be handed to the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM/SGM.
7.3 Changes must be agreed by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.


8.1 The financial year will run from 1st June to 31st May.
8.2 All money raised on behalf of the Residents' Association is to be used only to further the aims and objectives of the Association.
8.3 The Committee has the authority to apply for donations and grants, as well as to run and organise fundraising activities on behalf of the Association. ;
8.4 The Treasurer will open a bank account in the name of the Association .The bank account will have three signatories, one of whom will be the Treasurer. All cheques must be signed by two signatories.
8.5 Money can only be withdrawn from the bank account with committee approval.
8.6 The Treasurer is responsible for the Association's money and shall provide regular reports and balance sheets to the Committee.
8.7 The accounts will be audited each year in time for the AGIVI and a balance sheet presented to the AGM.


Members shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings, or in premises used by the Association. Members will be excluded for the breach of this condition, or if they contravene the aims, objectives and principles of the Association. The decision will be taken by a majority of those members present and voted at any Committee or public meeting.


10.1 The Association may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that reason and must be advertised fourteen days before the meeting.
10.2 A proposal to dissolve the Association shall take effect only if agreed by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.
10.3 Any possessions and funds will be disposed of in line with the aims and objectives of the Association.